Chorale Overview

The group, originally known as the Bloomfield Civic Chorus was organized in 1933 with an invitation extended by the Bloomfield Board of Recreation and printed in the Bloomfield Independent Press.  The fifty member chorus joined with the Bloomfield Symphonic Orchestra and gave their debut performance on May 6, 1934.  Under the leadership of Walter Kurkewicz the choir grew to a membership of one hundred and twenty five.

For over seven decades the group flourished  and presented many ambitious programs and was led by a series of very able conductors..  However, lifestyles changed and the membership dwindled, forcing the group to finally disband and it remained defunct for four years.

In 2008 the Bloomfield Federation of Music made a commitment to reorganize the group.  Under the leadership of Ruth Hsu the group, now known as the Bloomfield Chorale, has grown to 25 members.  A winter performance is given in conjunction with the Bloomfield Civic Band and a solo concert is given in the Spring.